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We already know how FUNDAMENTAL it is to have relevance in social networks to enhance. Now we give you 5 useful tips to achieve your relevance’s goal:


1 Get to know your customers: to create an effective Social Media strategy, you must start by knowing who your consumer is, at what time of day they receive your content, which digital platforms they use the most, whether or not they shop online, etc. As long as you are clear about your target, it will be possible to develop content and even adapt your products or services to their needs.

2 Post engaging content: I know that in most cases social media is expected to serve certain business goals, but 100% of your posts don’t need to be about your brand and nothing more than that. It is important to fill with creative content that invites participation and generates conversations where your brand is implicit.

3 The number of followers is NOT everything: do not be obsessed with reaching 10k, what is really valuable for your brand is the engagement you generate through the content you share, worry more about increasing the number of comments, likes or shares.

4 Give your customers a voice: sharing the opinions of your brand or the photos your customers upload using your product gives more proximity and confidence to your social networks. Let your customers speak for you!

5 Show your work team: your followers don’t want to talk to a robot, from time to time it is important to publish photos of the work team behind your brand to give it that more human character.

In conclusion, creating an active and interested community in your brand requires a lot of dedication and professionalism. Remember that we have a great team specialized in managing social networks. 🙂
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