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The strategy you use to develop and share relevant and useful content is extremely important to attract new customers to your brand. Here you have 5 tips to optimize your content marketing strategy:


1 Before starting to write, it is very important to know what the competition does and what topics it addresses. This way you discover how you can improve yourself and what you want to talk about. This also help you set clear and measurable goals.

2 Discover and know your audience. In order to create attractive content, it is important to be very clear about the type of person you are addressing and who is potentially interested in your products or services, in this way there is a greater probability of reaching the customers you want.

3 With the previous two steps, you are ready to tackle your content marketing strategy. Remember that it must have a purpose, types of content that are a priority, the message you want to convey as a brand, what makes you different from the rest and finally, what sources you can go to to find information.

4 Create, manage and plan content. Organization is crucial, you must organize by date and subject the order of your blog entries or the platform where you will distribute the content, all in order to always have the information within reach and meet the times.

5 Evaluate and measure your results. After starting to distribute your content, it is important to establish KPI’s that allow you to see the impact of these on your brand. Indicators can range from opens, mentions, shares, downloads, inquiries, or other actions.

We hope that these tips help you improve your brand content strategy and increase the reach of your publications 🙂
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