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Area Central is a unique shopping center.
For its construction, an old disused train area was recovered, strategically located in the downtown access of the city, where only sheds remained.

We develop naming, branding and the conceptualization of a new brand in tune with the architectural details of the space, achieving a unique, strong project with a great identity. We also work on internal communication and signage.

Given the geographical peculiarity of the city of Comodoro, Rivadavia, this space is located right in the center, being the obligatory point for those who transit from north to south, taking advantage of this, we communicate it as that “central” place where everyone gathers to meet , go shopping, distract yourself or have a coffee. This is how we came to the concept of Central Area.

In creating the logo we were inspired by the train tracks, using straight and geometric lines. Visually it resembles in front of the old trains that crossed the city. That area was known by the locals as ¨the route¨, since it is on the road from north to south, from this, we originated the slogan ¨Your shopping route¨ as an invitation to visit the shopping and live a different experience .